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Job Interview Questions

Harrison Assessments' interview technology includes Job Interview Questions that ensure high quality and consistent interviewing which focuses on the key job requirements.

The interview technology enables you to score the interview and then automatically calculate the results based on your Job Success Formula. The job interview questions are automatically generated from our library of options related to the specific job function. The questions are selected and weighted according to your job analysis and can be fully customized to fit you job specific requirements.

Harrison Assessments' interview technology:

•  Improves the interview quality by providing interview questions related to the behavioral competencies that have been proven to be related to success for specific job functions.

•  Provides a library of job interview questions based on more than 6500 researched Job Success Formulas which enables you to quickly and easily select high quality eligibility questions and scoring options for your specific job.

•  Provides the structure that makes interviews more predictive.

•  Ensures all important questions are asked for each applicant.

•  Provides customizable scoring options for each question.

•  Facilitates high quality of systematic and consistent interviewing.

•  Enables the interview results to be easily incorporated into the overall assessment results and reports.

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