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Talent Management

Harrison Assessments has the most comprehensive talent management system in the industry. That's why major companies all over the globe trust Harrison Assessments to help recruit, develop and manage one of their most important assets, their employees!

Talent management is most effective when implemented during the hiring process. By using our unique pre-employment screening, the best candidates are ranked and scored according to how well they meet the ideal requirements. This makes identifying the right talent easier than ever.

Harrison Assessments' methodology utilizes over 6500 job success formulas to create customized assessments that fit your specific job success requirements. The results will not only evaluate eligibility factors like education, experience and skills, but also suitability factors like attitudes, motivations, work values, interpersonal skills, interests, and preferences at work.

Using our Paradox Technology™ you will learn specific information about the employee's work satisfaction and individual needs, helping your mangers to more effectively lead and develop these employees.

Harrison Assessments predicts the employee's performance and the potential for retention. It also provides managers with the essential information necessary to motivate individual employees and increase performance.

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