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Harrison Assessments has cultivated a highly skilled network of over 1,000 Solutions Partners globally since its inception in 1990. Our Talent Management technology second to none. When combined with people of the calibre and the experience of the Key Talent Expertise highlighted below the results on organizational performance are powerful. To maximise the impact of your Predictive Talent Analytics investment we recommend you engage a Certified Harrison Solution Partner.

HA Representative June Kitto
June Kitto

June Kitto is based in Adelaide with qualifications in Education and Management. She has more than 25 years experience consulting in a range of projects related to Human Resources, Career Outplacement, Performance Coaching, and Performance Benchmarking. June has been a representative of Harrison Assessments since 2000, providing accreditation training and application support to employers and consultants across Australia. June currently specialises in Harrison Solutions for talent acquisition, retention and engagement, and performance benchmarking.

HA Representative James Bryden
James Bryden

James Bryden is based in Perth, Western Australia and is a former Royal Marine, Small Business Owner and Professional Soccer Coach. He has various qualifications in Education & Training and Life/Business Coaching. His life's mission to give organisations the confidence and tools to allow their people to enjoy their business/career journey so that ultimately, everyone is given the opportunity to thrive. James strongly believes this approach will have a positive impact on the health and well-being of families, businesses, communities, and society in general. His focus is on using the Harrison Assessment to help organisations achieve the above aims through Recruitment and Employee & Team Development.

HA Representative Rowen Gransden
Rowen Gransden

Rowen Gransden, based in Adelaide Australia owns consultancies which focus on delivering professional, cost effective, business and people management solutions.

With over 30 years experience in HRM and Management roles and qualified with an MBA, his businesses have contributed to the success of many companies.

Leading major organisational and cultural change projects, Rowen has mentored and developed leadership groups and built strong high-performing teams.

Harrison Assessments products have been critical to his business success, linked to service offerings of mentoring, leadership development, organisational development reviews and recruitment.

HA Representative Michelle Brien
Michelle Brien

Michelle Brien is based in Melbourne, Victoria and, along with Dr. Glenn Brien (see below), is a co-founder of Salple. Salple works with leaders and employees to co-create and activate deeply authentic and powerful "Culture Codes" which build on intrinsic motivators and the power of habits, to align, engage and energise employees.

Salple, has an integrated, data-informed approach to culture; recognising that culture shapes every part of an organisation; impacting employee engagement and retention, the customer's experience, and execution of strategy. Clarity and alignment between these key elements enables employees to make decisions and work together to deliver on your brand promise and improve the customer experience.

Harrison Assessments is integral to this work, providing data-informed insights into an organisation's culture and the role individuals play in shaping culture throughout the employee career lifecycle.

Michelle was accredited with Harrison in 2010 and has extensive experience using Harrison analytics in all areas of organisational development including recruitment, coaching, leadership development and team effectiveness workshops.

HA Representative Dr. Glenn Brien
Dr. Glenn Brien

Glenn Brien is based in Melbourne, Victoria and, along with Michelle Brien (see above), is a co-founder of Salple. Since his PhD research in software was commercialised, Glenn has often seen that a blocker to people "getting things done" is culture - a lack of alignment and poor collaboration can stifle innovation and competitiveness. Salple works with leaders and employees to co-create and activate deeply authentic and powerful "Culture Codes" to help solve this problem.

Salple uses Harrison Assessments to get to the heart of an organisation's culture and has clients in many sectors including; software & IT, manufacturing, digital agencies, bio-tech, venture capital, real estate, construction, government, health, education and employment services. Glenn also leads the development of Salple's culture activation and measurement software which complements Harrison Assessments.

HA Representative Ganga Harvey
Ganga Harvey

Ganga Harvey is based in Adelaide and consults with clients across Australia. Harrison Assessments has been an important part of her work for 20 years. Her mission is to create workplaces that engage and inspire, are aligned with strategy, and bring business results. She brings to her work a background in Senior Leadership, Performance Excellence and Education, as well as experience leading global teams.

Ganga provides Harrison Solutions related to executive and cultural assessments, performance benchmarking, building engagement with an end-to-end employee life-cycle approach, leadership development, individual and team development, and Pre-Selection Job Fit assessments.

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