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"The single biggest way to impact an organisation is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential." - John C. Maxwell

Harrison's flagship Paradox report is now job specific

Elevate Your Leaders for Tomorrow's Challenges

Are your leaders ready to navigate the future? With Harrison Assessments, uncover the unique strengths and growth opportunities of your team, identifying and nurturing high potentials to become the architects of your organization's success.

Our Paradoxical Leadership technology, customizable Behavioral Competencies and comprehensive Organizational Analytics deliver precise insights into your leaders' behavioral dynamics, shaping a high-performance culture tailored to your organizational needs.

Efficiently assess your people using our 20-minute SmartQuestionnaire provides a deep dive into what makes your leaders tick, empowering them to inspire, engage, and mentor effectively.

Discover how our award-winning solutions can provide a clear roadmap for leadership excellence and innovation.

Revolutionize Leadership with Paradoxical Insights

Go beyond traditional assessments with our Paradoxical Leadership approach. This Brandon Hall award-winning technology revolutionizes how leadership strengths are assessed and potential weaknesses identified, with a depth of insight that sets a new benchmark in leadership evaluation. By exploring the intricate balance of paradoxical behaviors, we reveal the true essence of leadership beyond conventional assessments. This method not only uncovers a leader's inherent capabilities but also the powerful synergy of combining traits like directness with respect, and confidence with openness to others' perspectives. to reveal the full spectrum of effective leadership. Embracing this balanced approach allows leaders to excel, fostering an environment of clarity, empathy, and accountability that propels organizations towards exceptional performance and success.

Revolutionize Leadership with Paradoxical Insights
Precision Development with Leadership Behavioural Competencies

Precision Development with Leadership Behavioural Competencies

Our Leadership Behavioral Competencies suite and customizable frameworks are designed to refine leadership across roles, blending meticulous assessment with tailored development for both seasoned executives and emerging talents. This approach offers a spectrum of behaviors essential for each competency, aligning closely with your organization's culture and strategic goals. By integrating these competencies into your leadership strategy, you equip leaders at all levels with the insights and tools needed for navigating today's complexities with confidence.

Tailor Your Competencies to your Unique Needs

Unique in our field, we offer an unparalleled service that transforms your existing behavioral competencies into a precision-driven assessment framework. Our adaptive system is meticulously customized to embody your organization's distinct culture and aspirations, ensuring a perfect alignment with your strategic vision.

Tailor Your Competencies to your Unique Needs
Gain Unmatched Organizational Clarity

Gain Unmatched Organizational Clarity

Our sophisticated analytics tools provide a comprehensive view of your organization's leadership landscape, offering deep insights into individual and team competencies, engagement levels, and the intricate dynamics that drive performance. By harnessing these insights, you can identify leadership strengths, pinpoint areas for growth, and tailor development strategies that align with your organizational goals. This data-driven approach not only enhances the effectiveness of your leadership development initiatives but also empowers you to build a resilient, agile leadership team poised to meet the challenges of tomorrow's business environment.

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Chris Harry testimonial

"Our strategic changes with Harrison have unveiled insights that truly transformed our leadership approach."

Chris Harry, Chief Learning Officer, TEKsystems Inc

Wim Van der Meersch testimonial

"Harrison Assessments has become the foundation of our future talent processes."

Vim Van Der Meersch, Chief Human Resources Officer, Bridgestone EMEA

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